V&V Kinnisvara

V & V Kinnisvara , Spirit & Assets Ltd company was established by the Estonian / Italian capital in 2003, the real estate investment purposes.
Why this name?
Because the assets are in need of spirit to keep him alive and it adds value!

In Estonia we managed to invest before the start of the economic crisis totally about 10 million euros, of which 8 mln Tallinn and Narva 2 million.

The economic crisis led to a lot of losses and restructuring but gave access to the extensive expertise and experience
The market has changed, investments, and sales dropped, so we have pulled back our operations here trying to act more internationally.
It is rather the projects, the investors in project management as a form of mediation,

Thus, we are open to all kinds of exciting offers outsourcing and cooperation.

"Do what you believe and believe in what you're doing. Force, and everything else is a waste of time."